April 9, 2020

Human Resource Challenges for Small Businesses in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Naveen Shayan

LedgerMax specialist

While coronavirus is spreading through all aspects of human life at present, it has become imperative for businesses to support their workforce by all means. At the moment, the challenges faced by small business owners are very much alike to those by big organizations; though, the major difference is that small business owners have to address those challenges with limited or inadequate resources while giving utmost priority to their employees health and safety.Following are some strategies that can help small business owners maintain their employees wellness and keep up their morale during Covid-19 crisis:

Work from Home

Work from home cannot be an option for every small organization; however, if it could keep your business running, then you should take it into account. But before you start going with this approval, it is important to check if your employees are all well equipped to work successfully from home. With respect to small businesses, a considerable framework that allows a favorable remote work experience comprises of swift and reliable technology.

Set Proper Communication Channels

Currently, your employees working remotely are keeping up on an overflow of information and unluckily, most of it is inoperative. Safety ought to be the first and foremost priority. Ask them to rely on information received from reliable sources regarding the current situation. Moreover, exchange information with your employees on the prevention strategies from coronavirus and tips to strengthen immune system and maintaining good hygiene.

Self-Care for Physical and Mental Health Wellness

Small businesses can support the wellness of their workforce by promoting healthful approach to stay updated and picking out legitimate resources to use up. Small business owners can also help by being honest and clear on mental health issues making the workers feel easy to discuss when needed. Other than this, small business owners should also uphold their employees to look after themselves. There are a few wellness tips that are quite simple to carry out while working remotely such as eating fruits that boost immunity, sleeping for not less than 8 hours and taking out time for indoor fitness activities. If followed properly, these things can actually help your employees maintain physical and mental health wellness while working productively from home during this coronavirus pandemic.As a matter of fact, there is no all in one answer to how any organization, either small or big, must respond to this coronavirus epidemic and its consequences on the business world. However, the two most valuable matters to concede are: ensuring your response is definitive to the community you're serving plus setting up your employees' wellness as your absolute concern.


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