April 10, 2019

How to View your Daily Sales Report in LedgerMax?

Naveen Shayan

LedgerMax specialist

The LedgerMax Sales Reports offer detailed information on your daily sales and billing procedures. Along with viewing the invoices and payments due from clients in the Sales Reports section, LedgerMax gives you the convenience to view sales by products/services and sales by customers. These sales report help you in determining your major clienteles while providing you finer insights into the overall sales generated by your organization.

Viewing Sales by Customer in LedgerMax

LedgerMax sales by customer reports provide you comprehensive and precise information regarding your sales with each of your clients. Moreover, it can be viewed in two different ways:

  • Sales Report as per Customer Details: This detailed report analyzes the sales of every product bought by the customer accompanied by every transaction made in this regard.
  • Sales Report as per Customer Summary: This report reviews and summarizes the entire sales records for every customer along with their total sales.

Viewing Sales by Product/Services in LedgerMaxLedgerMax sales by product/services give you in-depth and accurate information regarding the sales of each of your product or services. Moreover, it can be viewed in two different ways:

  • Sales Report as per Product/Services Detail: This report displays the sales of every product or service with a complete list of each transaction.
  • Sales Report as per Product/Services Summary: This report gives you a synopsis of every product or service being sold as well as the total amount of sales.

Here is how you can view your daily sales report in LedgerMax with utmost ease and convenience:


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