June 5, 2020

Top Tips for Small Business Owners to Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

Naveen Shayan

LedgerMax specialist

Small businesses all over the world have undoubtedly been affected the most from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The major reason is that unlike big businesses, small businesses can generally survive a cash flow crisis for not more than few months which devastates the owner as well as their workers. So, the question is how can small business owners survive the unstable and chaotic times yet to come in 2020? There is no definite answer; still the following tips can somehow help small business owners to survive the turbulence.

1. Keep Yourself Safe and Calm

This is hard particularly when you're running out of cash; however, keeping yourself calm and safe will help you in keeping your employees composed, and in due course, an improved approach for everybody to find new ideas to proceed. In this situation, always ask for reliable opinions and implement accordingly.

2. Plan Your Finances for Three Months

Usually all small businesses have similar basic expenses, including workplace rent, and salaries of the workers and utility bills while other expenditures vary from one business to another. Talk to your suppliers and landlord etc. and catch on ways to propose plans for these payments. Also, examine your personal finances and discuss with reliable people on how to cut down on your personal expenditures for the coming months.

3. Look for New Opportunities

It is never a great idea to take advantage of events like this; however, you can take it as a lesson or fore-warning to reassess your business strategies. For instance, can your business model endure the deviations that will follow the current pandemic? Think and evaluate your business strategies and look for new opportunities that can help you boost your business proceeds.

4. Up-skill Your Workers

Always try to manage a good team of skilled workers who are always ready to support you and rely on you. During this crucial time, you can develop and equip your existing team with extra expertise that could turn them into more dynamic and proficient. For example, ask your team to get enrolled in affordable online courses which will help in upgrading their skills and helping the business proceed effectively.The COVID-19 pandemic is upsetting businesses across the world; however, these few points can be useful in accommodating small business owners to live on this blustery period safe and sound


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